The Matriarch

When I first became a Mother and my 8lb child careened out of me like a bat out of hell - my entire body felt a shock like no other. What's interesting about this part of the story is that I never experienced the same sensation with my other two daughters. It was as if … Continue reading The Matriarch

2 Days Notice

15 days ago, I realized if I didn't change my situation drastically and leave the Matrimonial Home - I'd probably end up losing it all. The amount of Stress from the situation I'm in wasn't going to get better. I didn't Relapse, I didn't do anything atypical of a stereotypical "Recovering Addict" - I didn't … Continue reading 2 Days Notice

Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

It was a year ago - September 14th, 2018, that I came home to rejoin my Family after spending 11 Weeks away at In-Patient Treatment for an Addiction to Prescription Opiates. I could have lost everything; my life, my children and my freedom. I was running at such a dangerous pace as a User in … Continue reading Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

Sobriety vs. Recovery

What's the difference between Sobriety and Recovery? It depends on who you ask: Traditional programs such as Narcotics & Alcoholics Anonymous promote an abstinence-based, Spiritually-focused approach. In this world, relapse is a part of Recovery but you must keep coming back. The general idea is that over time as you abstain, you will continue to … Continue reading Sobriety vs. Recovery

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias: When we seek out to prove something we already believe to be true. Deep down inside I always knew the truth. I knew there would come a time I would have to face my past and deal with the bullshit. The only way I imagined doing so was by utilizing my 3 greatest … Continue reading Confirmation Bias